Monday, June 9, 2008

Understanding Buyer Agency for Saline Michigan real estate

If you’re in the market to buy Saline real estate, it’s vitally important that you understand buyer agency. In this article I’d like to briefly cover the subject.

When looking to sell their Saline home or condo, sellers will generally interview a number of agents, with the goal of hiring the best real estate agent to list and sell their home. As a buyer, you may just want to see some Saline homes or condos, and therefore you may think that you need an agent only to open the lockbox and let you view the property. In general, many buyers really don't care who opens the door to the house for them.

But they should.

When someone calls me to see one of the many homes I have listed for sale, there are a number of questions I’ll typically ask:

Are you working with another real estate agent to help you buy a home? No, why?

Well, we have to ask. Why?

Because if you are already working with another real estate agent, and if I'm not the listing agent for the home you want to see, then I can't show it to you. Aren't you the listing agent?

No, unfortunately, all of the available homes for sale in the Saline real estate market that you can view on my website are not my listings. Who's the listing agent?

You see, if you want to buy a home and you don't understand buyer agency, you really shouldn't be buying a home. If you do understand buyer agency and choose not to use a buyer agent to represent your interests in the transaction, then by all means, buy a home.

A real estate agent does more than open the lockbox and the door to the home and point out the obvious, such as “This is the kitchen” or “That's a nice walk in closet in the master bedroom.” A real estate agent offers a buyer negotiating expertise, knowledge of the Saline real estate market, and experience in helping buyers avoid potential pitfalls when buying a home. I’ve always looked at Buyer Agency as making sure that a buyer doesn’t make a mistake.

A buyer who chooses to become a client by entering into a written Buyer Agency agreement can expect me, and my Company, to provide the following client level services:

Reasonable care and skill

Client level services also include advice, counsel and assistance in negotiations (emphasis added).

The best part of buyer agency in the Saline real estate market is that it doesn't cost you any money to be represented. The seller pays the commission to the listing broker, who splits it with the broker representing the buyer.

If you are ready to look at Saline homes or condos, call me at (734) 476-2063, and I’ll guide you to find the perfect home in Saline to meet your needs.

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