Friday, June 13, 2008

Flipping for Video of your Saline real estate

It is said that you never get a second chance for a good first impression. When you’re looking to sell your Saline home or condo, you want to be sure that your home gives a great first impression.

Recently, I added a new tool to my real estate arsenal – the Flip video. If you haven’t seen one already, you likely will very soon. They’re becoming ubiquitous. Here’s why:

1. The Flip is incredibly easy to use for recording.
2. It has a USB plug-in already built in – just plug it into your computer.
3. The software for manipulating the videos is built into the Flip.
4. Once you’ve downloaded your video to your computer, you can immediately upload it to YouTube.

So why is the Flip so important when you’re looking to sell your Saline home or condo?

Most Realtors® pay close attention to the new listings of homes and condos for sale, every day. Most Realtors® also have set up “automatic” searches for homes and condos, to alert their active buyers of new listings which meet the client’s needs. We use the term “flash” to signify an e-mail update of the new listing information sent to the buyer client.

When that e-mail goes out to buyers, you want to have every tool for marketing your home in place – especially a video of your home. And that is where the Flip is so useful.

In the “olden” days of real estate sales (2007 and before), if you wanted a video of your home, you’d have to wait for a professional videographer to do the shoot. Then you’d have to wait several days, up to a week, to have the video available for viewing on the internet. Those videographers still exist, and they still serve a useful purpose.

But when that “flash” e-mail is sent, these days, we can include a video of your home available on YouTube. That way, when a buyer first sees your Saline home or condo for sale, they’ll be able to take a quick video tour of your home at the same time, when their excited about seeing your home. That could be just the edge we need in selling your home these days.

If you’re considering selling your Saline home or condo, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of my experience with the Flip video. I’d be happy to meet with you! Just give me a call at (734) 476-2063, or send an e-mail, “Vance (at) SalineMichiganRealEstate (dot) com”.

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