Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Too good to be true!

Just another quick article to let you know how I recently helped a client with their Saline real estate investment plans.

Bart and Lisa are experienced real estate investors in the Saline area. They watched with great interest as home prices have declined about 30% over the past 3 years, focusing mainly on bank foreclosures. Recently, a bank listed a home for sale which was “too good to be true,” only this time, it really was true!

Bart and Lisa had already done their “home”work, by getting their pre-approval with their bank. When the opportunity came up, we jumped, making the first and best offer, on the house.

After we had the home inspected and found nothing objectionable, we knew that Bart and Lisa would be making money right away with this property.

A wise Real Estate investor once told me “I never made money when selling a property – I made money when I bought it.” Given the level of home prices right now – mostly in bank foreclosures - lots of people will be making money when they buy. Will you?

Are you ready to start your Saline real estate investment search? Contact me, and I’ll guide you on finding the perfect investment property in Saline to meet your needs. (734) 476-2063.

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