Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saline Sales Report for January 2009

Here’s the latest Saline Sales report for January 2009. This is an update to my regular market report which I report around the middle of the month. If you are interested in Saline real estate, here’s what happened in January 2009.

Selling Prices
Saline Homes Active Sold Lowest Highest Months of Supply
City of Saline 75 8 $77,100 $189,000 9.4
Lodi Township 49 1 $213,000 $213,000 49
Pittsfield Township 56 3 $282,000 $344,790 18.7
Saline Township 16 1 $73,375 $73,375 16
York Township 45 1 $175,000 $175,000 45
Average 17.2

The average months of supply for January rose from 8.9 months in December. This is to be expected in mid-winter, especially in light of the cold and snowy weather in January. While the number of homes sold in January declined from December, we didn’t see a huge increase in the number of homes for sale, either.

Selling Prices
Saline Condos Active Sold Lowest Highest Months of Supply
City of Saline 26 1 $187,500 $187,500 26
Lodi Township 5 0 -- -- --
Pittsfield Township 6 0 -- -- --
Saline Township 1 0 -- -- --
York Township 0 0 -- -- --
Average 26

Unlike for homes, where there were still plenty of sales, the market for Saline condos showed significant weakness in January. There was only one condo sold, compared to three sales in December. Again, this could be attributed to the weather we experienced in January. We’ll be closely watching the market for Saline condos in the coming months, looking for a sign of an upturn.

All in all, don’t keep living Groundhog Day, over and over. So something different! Help yourself to be a part of the “sold” statistics for next month’s report!

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