Friday, January 30, 2009

Four good things about this winter in Saline

Here are four good things about this winter in Saline:
  1. The heavy blanket of snow (about 12” on my yard) is providing a terrific blanket for the farmer’s crops (winter wheat) and fields, and for our garden plants, during this extended cold spell. If we had this super-cold weather on bare ground, our plants would be wiped out!
  2. After a winter like this, we will REALLY appreciate Spring this year! Once it hits 50 degrees, we’ll see convertibles with their top down, soaking up the warmth!
  3. When the snow finally does melt (and yes, it will melt), all of the runoff will help to fill our ponds, rivers, and lakes – especially the Great Lakes. Lake levels have been falling since the early 1980s, so it’s time to refill the lakes.
  4. Since the start of Winter (December 21, 2008), there have been 27 homes and 2 condos sold in Saline.

I hope this good news brings a smile to your face today!

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