Thursday, May 22, 2008

America the Beautiful

There's nothing like an airplane ride across America to give you a better understanding of how huge, dynamic, and beautiful our great country really is.

From the Rocky Mountains,
to the high Desert, to the checkerboard of cornucopia in the great middle of our land,
this truly is "America the Beautiful".
Great highways thread like ribbons across the land, flowing with the traffic of commerce - visible even from 38,000 feet. Serpentine rivers, bordered with lush greenery, carry their life-sustaining water along a meandering path. Snowy mountain peaks proclaiming their freedom from the bounds of the "flatlands." Everywhere you look out the window of the plane, you can't help but be in awe.

So, what does this have to do with Saline real estate?

Only that we live in a fabulous town with many of the same dynamism and beauty seen elsewhere in America.

Oh, sure, we've got our share of problems. Job uncertainty, foreclosures, homes sitting unsold for long periods. I'm no airplane-in-the-sky PollyAnna, after all.

In Phoenix, many of the same problems exist. The local Phoenix Realtors with whom I spoke over the past three days echoed the same concerns that you hear around Saline - job uncertainty, foreclosures, homes sitting unsold for long periods. The collective group acknowledged the challenges we face, then turned their backs on the shadows of despair. We were there to develop new skills, to learn new tools, which will allow us to serve our clients at an outstanding level of performance. Can anything be guaranteed? Only that you will get the very best I can give!

What made the past three days at the "Unchained" conference so energizing for me is the total confidence that the attendees have in the future. We've been through times like this before, and we survived. Many will actually thrive, because we see the glass as half-full.

So, take heart, my wonderful community of Saline! We will survive - Nay, we will thrive!

Remember, we have what they want!

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