Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday photos

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Well, the fall colors have just about faded in our area. On a recent sunny day, I captured a few final views to remember through the coming winter.

I caught this view while driving west on Bethel Church road, about half-way between Dell and M-50. There is a rolling valley to the north of the road there, which has always captured my gaze. There are plenty of pines and cedars on the hills, and right in the center was this golden hickory tree (from a distance, that's what it looked like). It was hard to peel away from this site!

This next photo jumped up at me. I was walking across the lawn and this red leaf caught my eye. The wind made it tumble away, but I chased it, because there was something about it that struck me. When I turned it back over, it was all the veins in the leaf that caught my eye originally. I'm sure, by now, this leaf has turned brown. But, what a blazing way to go out!

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