Monday, November 5, 2007

Energetically Speaking...

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Recently, I read an interesting blog article about home energy efficiency audits. In today's economy of rising energy costs, both for driving and for heating and cooling your home, this only makes sense.

Looking at it simplistically, having an audit of your home's energy use could have a big payoff at the end (assuming that you follow through on the recommendations for improvement!).

Not only will you save money on your regular energy bills, you'll be making your home more energy efficient for the future. You can then promote this fact when you sell your home, something which will surely attract the attention of eco-conscious buyers. Those buyers will be more interested in your home, which may lead them to pay more for your home than they otherwise would. Voila! A nice return on the audit investment! It only takes a few rising sales in the marketplace, and we could make the list of locations with rising home values.

While on the subject of energy efficiency, we can't help but notice that there are more and more hybrid cars on the road. You could be saving energy costs both at home and on the road!

Here in Michigan, the fall colors have just about faded. Many of the trees are now bare, awaiting our first snowfall. Yikes! Will driving be bad then? It usually takes the first snowfall for drivers to, once again, remember how to drive in the snow. It's the drivers that make the difference, but having the right car for snow driving can make a difference.

What do you think about having a home energy efficiency audit?

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