Monday, December 1, 2008

Saline Sales Report for November 2008

Here’s the latest Saline Sales report for November, 2008. This is an update to my regular market statistics which I report around the middle of the month. If you are interested in Saline real estate, here’s what happened in November, 2008.

Selling Prices
Saline Homes Active Sold Lowest Highest Months of Supply
City of Saline 85 5 $168,000 $463,500 17
Lodi Township 54 1 $498,200 $498,200 54
Pittsfield Township 66 7 $278,500 $377,500 9.4
Saline Township 19 1 $137,000 $137,000 19
York Township 48 3 $184,000 $190,000 16
Average 16

The average months of supply for November declined from 17.4 months in October. This continues a trend of improvement in the overall market for existing Saline homes.

Selling Prices
Saline Condos Active Sold Lowest Highest Months of Supply
City of Saline 31 0 -- -- --
Lodi Township 5 0 -- -- --
Pittsfield Township 6 0 -- -- --
Saline Township 4 0 -- -- --
York Township 0 0 -- -- --
Average --

While there were no condo sales in the Saline market for November, keep in mind that there was a 12.3 months of supply inventory of condos for sale during October, when there were 49 condos for sale. During November, the number of condos for sale declined slightly to 46 condos for sale, so the market for existing Saline condos continues to improve, as well.

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