Monday, April 7, 2008

Been Away for So Long

There sure is nothing like an unplanned absence from the office to bring new perspective to the work we do as Realtors®!

In a blurred history of the past two weeks, here’s the “Cliff Notes” version.

I’ve written about my mother in the recent past, and her recent medical challenges. When she called me one morning about two weeks ago, complaining of general soreness and slurring her words, I jumped into action. Too many of my friends have had parents suffer strokes for me not to have recognized the symptoms immediately. I left everything at my office and raced over to take my mom to emergency medicine. In less than an hour of her phone call to me, she was hooked up to every medical contraption I’ve seen in an ER. Then the waiting began. Meanwhile, I had to arrange for home-health assistance for my dad, who’s nearly chair-bound. And so went about a week of my life, in a blur of hospital rooms, doctor consultations, home-health-care aides, and so on.

The new perspective I have for the work we do as Realtors is that you can still serve your clients in an awesome way, even in the midst of turmoil! I’m so grateful for the unselfish assistance of so many of my office peers, who stepped in to handle various deals in process. They have earned my undying gratitude.

So now begins the task of picking up my business – pulling the various fragments back together, and getting a general sense of the pulse of the market.

Never have I appreciated the joy of the work we do as Realtors® more so than today.

It’s good to be back!


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