Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday photos

We just celebrated Labor Day here in the U.S. - a uniquely American holiday. In keeping with that theme, this photo from our summer trip to Yellowstone should be familiar to all.

If you've ever been to Mount Rushmore, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, you know how impressive the site really is. First you wind your way up the mountain to the entrance of the memorial. Then, you park in this huge parking structure! When I visited Mount Rushmore back in 1980, there was only a small surface parking lot. It just goes to show you how we Americans love to travel!

Leaving your car, you proceed up this fabulous granite sidewalk to the base of the memorial. From there, you can overlook the amphitheatre - which was bustling with the setup for a concert on the day we arrived.

Sadly, a rapidly-approaching thunderstorm overtook the mountain while we were there. We ran back to our car and made our way back down the mountain to find our hotel for the night.

I encourage everyone to visit Mount Rushmore at least once!

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